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Wendy Shay Goes After FDA for Losing a Deal


Ghanaian musician, Wendy Shay, has called on fellow celebs to rise against the ban by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), prohibiting Celebs to be ambassadors or advertisers of any alcoholic product.

The fight against alcohol addictions and the resurge of the abuse of some drugs by the youth in Ghana has been a battle the nation has been fighting for some time now. For this reason, certain stringent laws and measures have been put in place in order to ensure the minimum use of such products by Ghanaians. Such rules include the advertisement of alcoholic drinks being reserved for a particular time in the day and not at any time. Others include the ban on celebrities advertising for an alcoholic product since they wield so much power and influence on a lot of people; with others copying their lifestyles.

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This rule seems to have affected Wendy shay who took to twitter saying “I just lost a deal worth 1000s’ of dollars with a foreign alcohol company… I didn’t know in GH celebrities can’t advertise alcoholic beverages according to FDA. Like seriously?! Small food we go chop too u wan take 4rm our mouth Gh celebs wake up!! FDA lift dat ban!!

While some are supported the tweet, others bashed her for it, according to some, the FDA is taking the necessary steps to minimize alcoholism in Ghana and she shouldn’t rise against it because of her selfish reasons. Others also posited that, since the festive season is over, deals like this would be a perfect source of income for these artists.