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Asem Threatens To Sue Amerado For His Yeeten Nsem series


Copyright and Intellectual property is a subject that Ghanaian artistes and stakeholders should pay proper attention to.

Let’s take note of the difference between Intellectual property and Copyright.

Intellectual property “…refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names, and images used in commerce.

Copyright, then, is the protection extended to the creator of an original work. It provides the sole rights to the use and distribution of the work and normally ends after a specific period of time. After the time is up, the copyright can be renewed, or the work will pass into the public domain where it legally may be used without giving notice of the original creator and without the need for recompense to the former owner.

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Now, Ghanaian rap legend Asem has indicated in a series of tweet that he can sue rapper Amerado for stealing his video in his weekly news series Yeeten Nsem because he owns the patent and copyright of the concept.

Asem, in his prime time gave his fans and Ghanaians a yearly round-up of the major happenings in the entertainment industry dubbed Fylla.

Mic Burnerz artiste, Amerado has begun a weekly news program, which follows a similar Patten as Fylla titled Yeeten Nsem.

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Asem who has been monitoring the versatile rapper has disclosed that Amerado should have reached out to him before embarking on that project.

He wrote; 

I don’t have anything against Amerado, I wish him nothing but the best. But he should have reached out and seeked my blessing before starting his series. It is my concept and I have the patent & copyright to sue him and any media house publishing that content. #YeeteNsem ASEM ✊

The question then is ‘Can Asem sue Amerado for intellectual property?”

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