Home Entertainment DKB Reacts to “Top 10 Comedians” List by Kwame Dadzie

DKB Reacts to “Top 10 Comedians” List by Kwame Dadzie


The final segment of Showbiz Agenda got very entertaining when DKB called in to react to a comment by the panelist on the show about a post he made.

Prior to this, a Ghanaian journalist, Kwame Dadzie, released a compiled list of the top ten Comedians in Ghana making waves and headlining shows in recent times. DKB who was bestowed the King of GH comedy by KSM came in third place to OB Amponsah and Clemento Suarez.

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DKB took to his handle after the list was revealed to express his unhappiness about certain comments in the article and some achievements he thinks were undermined and overlooked by the writer.

He also got the chance to explain his post saying that the pundits like others have misread or misconstrued the post. He ended up addressing a lot of issues which suggested that most of the journalists in Ghana hate him and were out to get him with their publications. He also mentioned that he hasn’t been complaining about his position on the list since he is the most “selfless person in my genre” he emphasized.

Listening to the long bitter rant of the comedian, most of the pundits deduced that, the comedian, ironically carries a lot of pain for certain publications being churned out in the past. Kwame Dadzie also got the chance to phone in to explain that, the list was based on the works, performances, and popularity of these comedians in recent times and was not ranking them according to how good or bad worst they are.