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See What These Grown-Ups Wore To Bank To Withdraw Money That Got People Laughing


Nigeria is such a hard country filled with so many abnormal people, just like the famous saying “no one is normal in Nigeria”, everyone is catching a cruise and wants to go viral on the internet. Because of this fame, many people have done so many things including singing like a mad person, pretending to be mad on the road and so many things.

Just like Bobrisky said in his interview with Momodu, to blow easily in Nigeria, one has to do something crazy or extra ordinary, which was why he changed his gender. Many people are really putting up different acts these days just to achieve fame.

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Five grown men were spotted today in a crazy outfit, as a matter of fact, they were putting on a diaper. They wore it to the bank and stood in the queue to withdraw money. They eventually Left after getting attention.

After this video went viral on Instagram, many people reacted on this with mixed reactions as people expressed that it is not necessary plus the thing was not funny, while the rest found their act hilarious. See some screenshots of the comments and reactions below.