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Rex Omar is Disrespectful—Akoo Nana


A lot of musicians has come out to air their grievances concerning the organizations under the music industry such as, MUSIGA, GHAMBRO and a host of others on the issue of embezzlement.

Akoo Nana in a recent video throws jabs at the Chairman of GHAMBRO, Rex Omar for disrespecting President Akuffo Addo.

According to the musician, Rex Omar insulted President Akuffo Addo for renting private jet. The musician indicated he does not understand why Rex Omar should say that. Because, before Rex Omar became the Chairman of GHAMBRO, he did not owe anything. But he now owes a lot of properties.

He charged Rex Omar to come out to say where he got all the money to buy his properties. Because Rex Omar claimed he does not collect salary.

The musician again stated that, the expenses of GHAMBRO is more than what they pay Ghanaian musicians. According to the artiste, GHAMBRO stands for “sika di entity”.

Akoo Nana revealed the artistes are being paid Gh 100, Gh50 or Gh200. But how much is Rex Omar being paid?

He cautioned Rex Omar to stop disrespecting the President and focus on fixing GHAMBRO.

In the artiste’s final words, he called Kennedy Agyapong to investigate GHAMBRO and Rex Omar.