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New Job Vacancy At Lively Minds


There is a new job offers at Lively Minds. This reputable company in Ghana is looking for two Set-up Officers to join their busy implementation team. ​

Job Summary:

The Set-up Officer is a key part of making sure that our whole program works well. The Set-up Officer will work closely with Ghana Education Service (GES) District staff and teachers in the 60 districts where our program runs to make sure our activities are high quality and set up for long-term success.

To do this, the Set-Up Officers will coach and direct GES staff. They will set up the program by giving regular, structured trainings. Once the set-up trainings are done, they will give the District Liaise Officers responsibility for making sure that each district is always working together. Also, the Set-up Officers will have to make reports of activities and give them to the Set-up Coordinators for ongoing reporting. They will also have to find and report compliance problems.

The The position holder will have a lot of responsibility and will work directly with GES and manage relationships with the government. They will be expected to keep a close eye on how the district is doing and help the district teams deal with problems like tardiness and lack of motivation in a diplomatic way.

The job requires a lot of travel and talking to people from different places. Incumbents will be in charge of making their own budgets and keeping track of what they spend on the job.

Main Responsibilities:

Facilitate set-up activities

  • Set up activities in 1-2 districts each academic term, including training-of-trainers (ToT) workshops that happen back-to-back.
  • Work as part of a team with coworkers and other important people to plan and carry out high-quality set-up tasks.
  • Find risks ahead of time and tell your team, the Set-up Coordinators, and the Set-up Manager about them accurately. You should also help solve problems and put them into action.
  • Give feedback on the lessons you’ve learned and suggest ways to make lesson plans better.
  • Help make it happen in more places
  • As needed, help with the organization’s larger tasks, such as keeping an eye on top-up workshops, play schemes, parenting workshops, and radio coaching calls.

Skills or Experience Needed:

You could be given any other job if you and your boss agree, to help the work of Lively Minds and take advantage of your experience and skills. Staff should be willing to help out with the work of the whole team and be able to adapt to different situations.

To do well in this job, you need to:

  • Active, self-motivated, and sure of themselves.
  • Knows how to enter a community and get the community to work together.
  • Has worked with government partners before.
  • A good communicator with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with many different kinds of people.
  • You are very well organized and able to make your own work schedule.
  • Skilled at making reports with MS Word.
  • Know how to use MS Excel well enough to make a travel budget.

Important Skills and Experience:

  • Minimum qualification: a bachelor’s degree or higher in early childhood education or a related field.
  • They have led and given training for at least two years.
  • Having energy and a “can do” attitude will help you do well in a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent planning and organisation skills.
  • Good people skills and communication skills, along with a flexible attitude, will help you work well with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Ability to coordinate and keep large groups of people interested.
  • Having worked as a coach and with government stakeholders.
  • Comfortable for people who travel a lot and stay in hotels.
  • Technically savvy; knows how to use MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel well. able to quickly get used to and learn new tech systems.

Desirable Experience and Skills:

  • Experience working with GES (or other government departments) and other organizations or groups involved in education.
  • Experience working for a non-profit.
  • Experience working to bring people together or make them aware of something.
  • The Lively Minds Competencies are what you will be judged on.

How To Submit An Application For Lively Minds’ New Job Offers

Kindly download the Application Form Here  and send the completed form to: jobs@livelyminds.org

Deadline: Sunday, March 19, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. GMT.

Please note that Lively Minds won’t be taking CVs.

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