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You will have a lifetime of bad luck—Selly Galley curses a woman who called her barren


One of the most hurtful words a woman could say to her fellow woman is to call her barren. Selly Gelly, a TV presenter and the wife of Praye Tiatia curses a woman who called her barren.

Selly Gelly and Praye Tiatia have been married for a few years now but with no child yet.

A picture of the TV presenter with her bare face was posted on her fan page. One of her followers who go by the name on social media as henewaa_piesie2 commented on the picture, “horror face and barren woman”.

This comment did not go down well with Selly Gelly. She disclosed she has blocked the woman on her verified page for similar comment a sometime ago. She indicated she will not let this slide.

The presenter has cursed the lady and her entire generation for calling her barren. She stated “For these ignorant words of insults that came out of your mouth to me, seeking to cause me pain and unhappiness for absolutely nothing I have done to you or your family…”

The lady in question has come out to apologize. She has received insults from a lot of people for spewing such words to her fellow woman.