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Angels told me to remove ladies panties and shave their private parts—Pastor Blinks tells it all


A disturbing viral video circulating on social media concerning a pastor seriously shaving ladies private parts has got social media buzzing.

A lot of people have expressed their worry and concern pertaining to this video. Some people claim the video was a movie. Others think otherwise.

Pastor Blinks, the pastor seen in the video shaving ladies private parts disclosed in an interview that Angels told him to do what he did.

According to him, he has a lot of branches across the country. Pastor Blinks disclosed that the Angels told him to shave ladies private parts, wash their panties and remove their panties.

He backed his act with a Bible scripture form Leviticus 14 vs 8 stating that he who needs to be cleansed shall shave his hair, wash his clothes and wash himself in water that he may be clean.

Further, he indicated that although the Bible says the person should cleanse himself but if the person doesn’t know how cleanse well, he being the head pastor can do so for the person.

Again, he made a serious revelation that some of the ladies give birth to vagabonds because pastors were suppose to break their virginities but not any ordinary man.

Finally, he disclosed that whatever people saw on social media was a movie. He disclosed that he is a movie producer and the video was to expose fake pastors.