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What Does DJ Khaled Endorsement Of DJ Switch Mean To Other Djs In Ghana?


Ghanaians had a field day when one of America’s superstar known for his DJing ingenuity, DJ Khaled, posted Ghana’s very own young girl, DJ switch, who also finds herself in the same field as the Superstar.

As people are celebrating and wishing the young artist well for the great heights she has attained in these few years of being in the industry, others are also rubbing it in the noses of other Ghanaian DJs in Ghana and especially those who were unhappy about her triumph as the best DJ in Ghana.

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They believe that in spite of the agitation and allegations at her victory at the just ended Ghana DJ’s awards, the endorsements from such personalities seem to contradict such opinions who though she was not qualified enough for the award.

However, others opine that DJ Khaled posting her does not make her the best in Ghana or does not take away their opinions after she won the award. To them comparing DJ Switch to DJs like Vyrusky, Black, and Wallpaper among others who have invested their entire lives into their work is simply unfair.

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Adding that, the fact that she is a girl in a male-dominated industry could also be a reason why people want to associate with her and encourage her through such post and gigs to ensure that she perseveres and succeeds in her field, they agree it is a big deal and a plus to her portfolio and Ghana but still does not make her the best.

Further stating that her jovial nature could also be a factor for her admiration from such people in the world and not because she’s better than all the DJs in Ghana. She was then congratulated for her wins, the heights and the mountains she climbing. DJ Switch has been an icon to most people and especially the young generation in Ghana to chase their dreams.

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