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After breakup, they declare their so-called plans for you – Sister Derby complains


Sister Derby has expressed her observation on Snapchat regarding the tendency of ex-partners to profess unrealized plans post-breakup.

In a veiled message on Snapchat, the ‘Kakalika’ hitmaker lamented over an ex-partner spreading untruths about his genuine intentions for her.

“After you break up with them and they say: I had plans for you,” she wrote on Snapchat.

This revelation follows Sister Derby’s joint performance with her former boyfriend, Medikal, at his O2 Indigo concert in London.

Their onstage reunion fueled rumors of a rekindled romance.

This development occurred after Medikal declared his split from Fella Makafui and his newfound single status.

Sister Derby on her current relationship with Medikal:

Sister Derby clarified that her collaboration with Medikal was a gesture of support for a friend and ‘sweet ex’.

She emphasized that her relationship with Medikal is purely professional.

“My appearance wasn’t to cause anything. It was basically to support my friend, my sweet ex. I wanted to come and support. He also wanted me on the show, so he invited me. I didn’t have any problem with that because we have made music together, and he’s, my friend. It’s just business,” she said.