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Don Itchi Vs Ernest Opoku


Ernest Opoku unlike other Gospel musicians in Ghana has extended his horizon to feature artist from other genres on his new song “waye afere” where he features Joshua of the Keche duo.

However, though people are enjoying the song, it seems there has been some strings and controversies attached to it. During the listening and review of the song, Don Itchi’s allegations and accusations were also brought to light for discussions.

According to Don Itchi, he was the artist featured on the song but when it came to shooting music video he was exempted and his verse removed majorly because he asked for some amount to take care of things he needed for the video shoot. Though that may not be a big deal since an artist is at liberty to scrap off a verse if it doesn’t compliment the song but to leave a line of the deleted verse in the song without crediting the artist for it is a cause for worry.

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Either through an oversight or negligence the final work of Ernest Opoku’s featuring Keche Joshua’s song has Don Itchi’s intro but with no credit or pay to the artist. This gave the opportunity to the pundits and listeners to point an accusing finger at the gospel artist for using the artist’s intro even when he deleted his verse. Both songs (one with Don Itchi’s verse and the other with Keche Joshua) were put together for comparison and Judgment with Don Itchi’s verse towering over the other according to popular opinions on the show.

To a pundit on the show, when he approached Ernest Opoku about the matter, the artist denied knowing the Don Itchi making it difficult to understand his intentions for saying that.

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