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TikTok bans account of content creator who buried himself alive for 24 hours


TikTok has restricted the profile of Nigerian content creator, Young Cent, after burying himself alive for 24 hours.

The internet sensation, Young Cent, captured widespread attention on social media on Wednesday, May 8, with his declaration to undertake a 24-hour live burial.

Prior to initiating the feat, he broadcasted a video on his Instagram handle, affirming the authenticity of the impending 24-hour act.

Nonetheless, TikTok proceeded to deactivate the entertainer’s profile for contravening the platform’s community guidelines.

In response to the suspension, Young Cent issued a plea to his followers via a video on his fresh TikTok account, created soon after the stunt’s conclusion on Thursday. He urged his audience to join him on his new channel to stay abreast of his activities.

Part of his message read, “It appears my previous TikTok profile has been deactivated, and I’ve established a new one under the handle ‘@youngcententertainment2’. I implore everyone to connect with me promptly. Help me reach a milestone of 1000 followers so I can initiate live updates and keep you all informed.”

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It can be recalled that the comedian embarked on his challenge on Wednesday, spending the entire duration encased within a wooden casket, complete with a cushion, a portable fan, linens, a power bank camera, and a pair of illumination bulbs.

Young C broadcasted his ‘self-burial’ experience live on his YouTube channel.

He consistently updated his followers throughout the event, sharing footage from within the casket.

In one of the updates, he reassured his viewers, “Folks, I’m still breathing, still in good shape, still alright,” despite visibly grappling with dehydration and considering the consumption of his urine for sustenance.

Even amid substantial physical unease, marked by intense perspiration and the challenges of a restricted space, Young C’s resolve did not waver.

His predicament garnered the attention of thousands on the internet, who watched the live stream during the nighttime hours.

Addressing his predicament, he expressed, “The issue at hand is my depleted water supply. I may have to resort to this (my urine). But rest assured, folks, I’m doing fine,” he conveyed with labored breath in one of the broadcasts.

This spectacle bears similarity to a challenge previously undertaken by the well-known YouTuber, MrBeast, who endeavored to remain interred in a coffin for a week straight.