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7 things women needs from men to make them happy


I hear a lot of people say “you don’t know what women want”, “no one can understand a woman” and things like that. I don’t think women are hard to understand, they want almost the same thing as men do but in a different way.

So, for guys out there who will want to know. I’m writing about seven things every guy can do to make his woman happy and contented.

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Let’s begin!

1. Loyalty

This is one of the first traits that keep a relationship alive and strong. When there’s no more loyalty in a relationship, the feelings and love for one another starts to reduce.

Dedication and loyalty is what every relationship with a strong foundation has and everyone needs to realize this fact.

2. Honesty

Being honest is much better than making your girl go through the trouble of hearing your lies, finding out the truth later on and getting her badly hurt by it. Men, even if you make a mistake, just be honest about it.

Don’t try to be someone else in front of her, or you’ll be taking the relationship entirely when you finally show her your true side. Make sure she loves you for who you are and not what you “could’ve been” or “can be”

3. Time

When a man takes out time for his woman, he’s making an effort above all else. Take out time from your busy schedules, have your own separate days with her where it’s just you and her.

Always take proper time out for your woman.

4. Understanding

True understanding takes a lot of time to achieve but it’s worth the effort. You should know what she means and when she needs you in her dark moments.

Understand your woman, it’s not impossible.

5. Be emotional

It’s not unmanly to be emotional. Women love it when their men show emotions and show them their kinder and softer sides. Be emotional sometimes with your girlfriend. It will help you guys trust grow bigger and stronger.

Be vulnerable in front of your woman, you won’t be judged, you’ll only loved.

6. Be her strength

A man needs to protect his woman, mentally and physically. Be their strength when they’re down, be their strength in their ups and downs, always be their strength without them even asking for it.

It’s natural for a woman to expect her man to protect her.

7. Security

This is where many Nigerian guys always say “it’s money they just want”. I don’t think it’s really about the money in literal sense. They just want a man who’s secured in his ways, in his future plans and in his financial plans.

So men, decide on who you want to be and where you want to be in life.