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Elephants, umbrellas, time – Black Sherif’s KilosMilos teaser gets political?


Mohammed Ismail Sherif, known in showbiz circles as Black Sherif, has hinted at the imminent release of a track known as KilosMilos.

His only post about the project at the time of filing this report were two photos posted on X on May 5 with the caption “KilosMilos.”

That said, a snippet of the track has made it online in a video where Black Sherif is cruising in a car at night while singing portions of the song.

The lyrical content of the 28-second clip has become the subject of chatter on social media as it supposedly uses major political symbols in Ghana’s national politics – the Elephant and Umbrella.

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The elephant is the symbol of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the umbrella is that of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“In times back when we hit milli (thousands), we spend half and use the remainder to import things, okiloo, okiloo, the big type, elephants. In times back when we hit millis, we spent half and used the remainder to import umbrellas…

“Time is not on our side forever, time often makes us deaf…” he is heard singing.

Content creator, Magraheb TV, is among those who have sought to question the political undertones of the trending clip.

While some musicians have openly aligned with political parties in the past, Black Sherif who broke onto the scene years back is not known to have any publicly stated political leanings.

Ghana has crucial 2024 polls in December and musicians and other showbiz players are expected to play a key role in campaigns.

Watch his analysis below: