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Ooohh!!!! Wendy Shay Walks Out Of A Live Radio Interview


Wendy Shay left the studios of Accra FM, during an interview with Nana Romeo, due to the fact that she is been ask questions about her relationship with her manager, Bullet.

Due to the fact that the presenter keeps asking her the same question about dating her manager, Wendy said to the presenter that he is asking unprofessional questions. Because she went there to promote her new song and not to talk about Bullet her boss.

The Present,Nana Romeo stated that he has evidence to back his claim,so he doesn’t no why Wendy is still denying.

Queen Shay said this “Please I won’t sit somewhere and say I’m dating bullet, because we are not. I don’t no why people keep asking me the same question everyday, instead of us to focus my artistry and also ask questions that will help my brand and promote Ghana, I see it to be unprofessional.

After playing Wendy Shay’s emergency, Nana Romeo claims Wendy did that song for Bullet,Shay who got amazed by his statement asked” Nana Romeo please today is my interview all about Bullet?

The uber driver hit maker,who got angry stated that, she couldn’t continue the interview due to the questions the presenter is asking her, and left the studio.

Shay later wrote this on Twitter