Home Entertainment “The Industry Doesn’t Favor Women”.- Sista Afia

“The Industry Doesn’t Favor Women”.- Sista Afia


In a Twitter question and answers segment with her fans, the WMT banger maker took the opportunity to clear the air on some allegations and insinuations about her new song WMT. She also endeavored to answer all questions from her fans addressed to her which included her personal principles, her career life, and some very sensitive topics most celebs avoid.

When asked what she would change in the industry is she had the veto power to do so, she precisely stated that “Most of the industry players will be women.” Expatiating that “The industry doesn’t favor women… It’s very tough when you are in. I mean we have our benefits but as a woman, to climb up there, you need to sacrifice a lot. A lot in terms of money, time, love life, etc. It’s very tough for us we just don’t show.”

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Touching on her general opinion on why ladies in the Ghanaian entertainment industry seem to be a step behind the men, she addressed that “I get it. I think the problem is very bigger than what we see. First of all the sexual demands, the criteria not giving women more chances and the less attention women get when pushing their projects.”

 Though few are thriving in the industry, it seems the women have had to deal with some challenges like sexual favors, being looked down on and exclusion aside the normal stress every artist goes through, which has made the growth extremely slow in the industry. people are advised to treat the ladies the same as they do the men and offer them similar opportunities without thinking twice because of their gender to help uplift our talented goddesses to the rest of the world.

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