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Gasmilla to Drop Something Wicked This Sunday


The Telemo hitmaker, Gasmilla, in the latest interview on Showbiz Daily has revealed that he is about to release something “wicked” for his fans this Sunday.

This was born out of a conversation about the Bring back Aonto Agenda being pushed by Sarkodie. To Gasmilla, Azonto was never dead and had been enjoyed over the years by him and his fans. Though he did not give many details, with the new Azonto movement in the industry, most people are expecting the new piece to be Azonto since they believe it will garner the necessary attention and highlight Gasmilla’s artistic prowess as an Azonto King in the Ghanaian music industry.

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Fans and ardent listeners of good music are patiently waiting for Sunday for the international fisherman to dazzle them with of his “wicked” creations.

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