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The Biggest Problem of Africa Is Not Poverty, It’s Hypocrisy, Sherifa Gunu laments


The artistic Ghanaian female musician, Sherifa Gunu, whom many have described the pride of Africa because of the complete personification of her African culture on every stage she appears on, either locally or internationally gave Ghanaians something to think about during her presence at Zylofon FM Studios.

Sherifa Gunu who can be considered an epitome of her region, northern region, has postulated that “the main trouble of Africa is not poverty, its hypocrisy.” With her new single titled “Susupon” Sherifa seeks to throw the spotlight on various acts in Africa and especially Ghana which seems to corroborate the ideology the “black hates blacks”.

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 Sherifa also took the opportunity to address the matter of hypocrisy in the various facets of life, right from personal life, to religion, to jobs, to education, through to politics. She then encouraged people to try to nib that attitude in the bud in other to build a strong and better Africa.

The poignant and passionate submissions of Sherifa Gunu touched the hearts of many listeners and pundits of the show. Which got people commending her style, story, content, message, and brand. Some pundits also encourage other artists to also balance their contents with messages like that instead of profanity and hatred.

Sherifa Gunu is normally identified by her ability to use her native language and her mellifluous voice to address perennial and pervasive problems in Africa and specifically the northern parts of Ghana where she comes from.   “Susupon” which she describes as a dancehall song is expected to make waves on all platforms either locally or internationally like her other songs like kelewele, Salamatu, Beautiful, etc.