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Side Effects And Risks Associated With Drinking Zobo Often (Hibiscus Tea)


Hibiscus, popularly known as Zobo in Nigeria is a plant known for its large, colorful flowers. Different types of hibiscus have been used around the world as herbal remedies.

In recent years, researchers have been exploring the health effects of hibiscus and chemicals in the plant.

People use hibiscus to try to treat a number of health concerns, including High blood pressure and High cholesterol.

There has been some promising research that hibiscus may help lower high blood pressure according to Webmd. More studies are needed to confirm this.

Taking Zobo drink regularly may cause some side effects on the body and there are some people who should not take it at all.

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In this article in line with a publication on Medicalnewstoday, we are going to have a look at some of the side effects and risks associated with taking zobo drink or hibiscus tea often. Keep on reading and explore new knowledge.

What Are Some Of The Side Effects And Risks Associated With Zobo Drink Intake?

1. Studies have shown that taking Zobo or hibiscus tea often may cause liver damage. The study was conducted in 2013 and it revealed that high doses of hibiscus extract could lead to liver related problems, so there is need for you not to take Zobo drink too often. If you are taking such medications as acetaminophen, there is need for you to steer clear of zobo till you have stopped taking the medication, the reason being that, it can interact with the medication and cause disastrous complications.

2. Secondly, pregnant women should not take hibiscus tea or Zobo drink at all. It is not considered healthy for them and as such, all well thinking pregnant women must stay away from it.

3. People with high blood pressure should also watch or test themselves often as the drink can cause a drastic reduction in blood pressure which is also considered dangerous for Hypertensive patients.

4. People who take chloroquine should also not drink hibiscus tea. The reason being that it can interfere with the Medication and reduce its efficacy in handling malaria. So make sure you don’t take the drink while on the chloroquine medication.