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Man Shares The Experience He Got While Looking For Sugar Mummy In Abuja


A man identified as Brian Dennis has Shared what he passed through in a quest to get a sugar mummy in Abuja.

Read his words.

“One of the most popular misconceptions about Abuja is that there are plenty sugar mummies looking for young boys to spoil with their money in exchange for pleasure. Na big lie. Thread! !

I heard this lie so much that I started seeing every older woman who drives a big car as a potential sugar mummy material when I came to this town. I always in my best behavior around them, waiting to be noticed and approached. Nothing happened.

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I was even helping some of them push their shopping trolleys in supermarkets when I noticed they needed help. Nothing come out. Nobody even asked me for phone number. I started thinking, Is it Jazz the other boys that have sugar mummies are using? Na wa.

Until one unfortunate Friday evening that I was having a drink by myself in a spot close to my house and I saw one light skinned thick woman in her late 40s pull up with a new RAV4.

She was also by herself and sat behind me. I thought it was a dream when the waiter brought a bottle for me and said that the woman at the table behind me sent the bottle for me. I turned behind and saw her staring lustfully at me. She smiled and I accepted the invitation. Cheap man like me. I sat with her and we started with short introductions of ourselves and started talking about random things.

She was divorced, never had a child and lived alone. My ear stand. By midnight, She offered to drop me off as I didn’t drive but I told her I lived very close and could walk home so she suggested that she shows me her place so I can come visit anytime.

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I didn’t even think about it before entering the car like a lamb to the slaughter. We got to her apartment a few minutes later and she asked me to come inside. She was living well but I was not concerned about the aesthetics of her interior decoration. So many things were running through my mind.

Why did she ask me to come in? Maybe tonight na audition. She made me have a bath and I knew that my dreams of a sugar mummy had come to pass, I just had to impress her if I wanted to progress to the spoiling stage.

I sweated & worked all night and I was telling myself that let Newspapers not use me for “man dies in s3x romp” headline. When she finally slept, I was still awake and thinking to myself. So it is really true, sugar mummies are real and my life was about to be transformed by one. Wow. God is good.

In the morning she tapped me nicely, and I opened my eyes and saw her staring at me with love in her eyes, I smiled back and whispered good morning to her. ” Good morning, Brian. Your money na N40k “” Oh, thank you. You’re too kind “, I replied. 40k for just one night? I don blow be that na.

I thought I was the one being paid until she asked me: “Should I send my account number or you have cash? “