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Women are refusing to wear panties – Underwear retailers on decline in sales


Retailers in some major markets in Ghana are scratching their heads as sales of women’s underwear have taken a nosedive.

In a report by UTV and cited by GhanaWeb, vendors are blaming the slump in the sale of panties on the fact that many women are refusing to wear them.

One vendor suggested that the digital age and economic pinch are culprits too.

“The economic issue is partly to blame, underwear has gotten quite expensive, so women are not buying them as much as before.

“The retailers of underwear too are now a lot, aside from those in the market, online retailers are a lot so people can now order from the comfort of their homes,” she said.

However, she also blamed the poor sales on the fact that many women choose to forgo panties to feel comfortable.

“The women, too, are no longer wearing them, some say it itches when they wear them, and other women say they feel uncomfortable wearing them so they stopped wearing them,” she added.

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Her sentiment was echoed by other retailers, who claimed that the hot weather is also responsible for the low use of panties.

“They say that because of the weather, they get hot and sweaty down there, so they refuse to wear pants in order to allow fresh air to enter,” one retailer said.

“The women are no longer wearing panties, they just wear a dress or a top and trousers without panties, so if you look closely, you would see their buttocks jiggling when they walk,” another said.

“The ladies complain that it gets hot, so they refuse to wear panties so that air can reach their genitals,” another added.

However, one customer had a different view, stating that wearing panties is not necessary as it makes intimacy difficult.

“Wearing panties is not needed, it gets in the way when your partner is trying to do something interesting with you,” he said.

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