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Don’t use the services of middlemen to secure Schengen visa, you will be banned – Anne Sophie cautions


Former French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Ave, has cautioned against the use of middlemen to secure travel visas, especially to parts of Europe.

She asserted that some individuals continue to pay these middlemen huge sums of cash in hopes of securing a Schengen visa in particular.

In a post shared via X on April 13, the former French Ambassador to Ghana urged individuals to be circumspect when dealing with such persons seeking to lure them with the promise of securing their visas.

She, however, urged unsuspecting individuals to report such incidents or persons perpetuating this illegal act to the police as they are only “crooks”.

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“I hear some people still pay crooks to get visas. Anyone asking for money and pretending he can help you get a visa is a crook. Do not reply. Report to the police,” Anne Sophie Ave warned.

She added; “Do not use their services, you will be denied 100 percent and possibly banned from all 27 countries.”

A middleman is someone who claims to have connections or influence with embassy officials and offers to assist with the visa application process for a fee.

However, using a middleman to secure a visa is not only risky but is considered as visa fraud and could hamper one’s chances of securing a valid visa in the future.

Source: Ghanaweb