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Quarantined Ghanaians Anxiously Awaits Their Turn to Be Tested


In the President, Nana Akuffo Addo’s recent address on the state of Corona Virus in Ghana, he directed that all borders into the country be shut down for a period of time. Other stringent measure includes the mandatory quarantine of travelers coming into the country from other nations.

As a result of the directive, 1030 travelers have been kept in various hotels and places selected for the quarantine activities. While most of them are unhappy about the quarantine, it seems that measure albeit distressing was a step in the right direction. After running a test on 185 quarantined Ghanaians out of 1030, 25 tested positive for the virus which has astronomically increased the count 68.

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Now it seems Ghanaians have understood how needful the exercise was. However, with the count going up, one could only imagine the anxiety those who haven’t been tested yet may be facing as they stayed isolated in their hotel rooms. The uncertainty of their current condition may exacerbate their anxiety levels as they wait for their turn to be tested.

However, at the end of the exercise, those who test negative are expected to be allowed home to their families and those with the virus receive the necessary care and attention.