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Some Ghanaians Still Unconcerned About the Coronavirus Crisis


With Ghana’s current coronavirus count at 68, one would expect all of its citizens to be extra careful or vigilant and cautious, yet it seems a section of Ghanaians, especially the illiterates seem unconcerned about the plight of the nation.

Either because of stubbornness or lack of adequate information on the outbreak, most people which include some traders and especially commercial transport drivers and conductors act unperturbed or indifferent about the spread of the virus. Even until now, some of them believe Africans are immune to the virus and it’s only infecting people who traveled to other countries while ignorant that 7 cases of community infection have been recorded in Ghana.

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The ministry of roads or transportation is expected to use other stringent measures to force these people to adhere to the basic guidelines especially on the roads since they remain a threat to themselves, their families, their customers and the nation as a whole.