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Ghana Awaits the Lord amid Coronavirus Outbreak


Today, 25th march 2020 has been designated by the president of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo, as the national day of fasting and prayer against the coronavirus pandemic.

As the number of those with the virus rises in Ghana, with no proven cure to the pandemic, the president of Ghana, has called on the nation to seek the face of the lord. Ghanaians, regardless of their religion, were expected to go without food as they humbly submit the nation to the Lord for his healing power for the nation as a whole, for those affected by the virus, for the doctors and nurses at the battlefront, for the leadership to make the right decision concerning the matter, among other prayer topics all geared at the elimination of the coronavirus in Ghana.

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With the surge in the infected persons and death in Ghana, convincing g Ghanaians to do this was a no brainers as most Ghanaians obeyed the dictum of the president and exercise the fasting and prayer. As the nation observes the necessary guidelines to stay safe, it continues to maintain the faith and hope that God will step in and deliver the nation and the world from the deadly virus, Corona.