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Opinion: See 4 Signs That You Are Dating a Player


Being a player has little to do with one’s appearance, wealth, or occupation. It’s a dishonest manner of living that causes harm to those who are unfamiliar with it. You should therefore be aware of the telltale indicators of a player in order to validate the gut instinct that a guy is playing you.

1. He Is a Regular Liar:

We are all naturally inclined to exaggerate a little bit to further our own objectives. However, lying is a second language to a player’s mother tongue. He has the ability to make up details about his family, career, age, and relationships. Even some players make up their names. Additionally, he will fabricate stories to hide his tracks and create the appearance that he belongs to you.

2. They’re super protective over their phone

Expecting privacy is acceptable, but if they won’t even put their phone down when they go to the restroom and frequently block your screen from view, that can be a sign of something fishy going on.

3. It’s always about sleeping with you and they go cold afterward.

The player is focused on getting immediate gratification, claims Rhian. They’ll do anything to spend a few passionate hours with you at that precise moment since you’ll be the most sexist creature alive. By meeting up with you for late-night drinks or suggesting that they drop by your house after a night out, they’ll always set up the chance for intimacy.

But after their dopamine rush and cravings have been satisfied, they could turn aloof and distant, which might make you feel rejected. They’ll often make excuses for not staying the whole night, or leaving early in the morning.

4. He makes you feel like a queen in bed:

When we think of players, we think of sexually resonant people, but not the kind that are rushed because you’re just a conquest, right? That is a frequent misperception.

Most players will go to any length to please you in bed. You would receive lots of kisses from them, and they would make you feel like the most stunning girl alive.