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She booked an Uber with no money, Twitter users react


“She booked an Uber with no money.” This was posted by a Twitter user after a young lady ubered without money.

Uber Technologies Inc.’s (UBER) explosive growth and constant controversy make it one of the most fascinating companies to emerge over the past decade. The global ride-sharing application, founded in 2009, disrupted modern transportation as we know it and at one point grew to become the highest-valued private startup company in the world.

Uber and other car transportation services are used worldwide by people to get from one point to another ad it is the quickest way to travel and easy application makes life easy. However, many times the driver complains about people’s advantages of these transportation services by playing tricks such as refusing the pay the driver, asking for sexual favors, and fighting with the driver so that they avoid paying for the Uber services.

This young lady did not want to pay and alleged that the money was at home, her phone was off, she needs to call someone, and they must go to her. I think that all these things that were done by the young lady were not a train smash but the issue is that she can easy turn around and accuse the driver of sexual misconduct and get the driver arrested.

I think that it was a good idea by the driver to record the issues/challenges so that he does not get in trouble later.

Protecting yourself is important as tomorrow you do not want to be in trouble for false accusations.

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Source credit: Twitter