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CCTV Footage Shows Woman Stealing Phone In An Office In Achimota


Kwame A Plus, social and political activist has dropped a video on his Facebook page that has got people talking. The video shows a woman, who is believed to be in her early 30s stealing a phone from an office in Achimota. The video has started making waves on the internet and some Ghanaians have shared their views on it.

In the video, the woman walked into an office in Achimota to get their services. However, there were no workers in the office at the time the woman walked in. Office equipment such as a Desktop computer and a smartphone were in the office without any guard available. The woman managed to take the phone which was in charge and left the office as soon as possible. She was seen turning off the phone as soon as she got hold of it and placed it inside her handbag and left the place. 

Click here to watch the video.

Some Ghanaians have reacted to this and below are some reactions.

From the reactions above, some Ghanaians have shown disappointment in this woman for stealing someone’s phone. They believe that the woman should be arrested and face the wrath of the law. Others, however, criticized the business for creating an avenue for someone to do this harm to them.

In some instances, this woman cannot be blamed much because the office workers will now know the importance of staying at work all the time. If one has to leave the office, the best option is to lock the doors. It may serve as a lesson to all.

No one knows the whereabouts of the woman currently. Those who recorded the video could be heard stating that the woman was not caught. She would have found herself in damager if she was caught at the moment.