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MzVee Sheds Tears during an Interview


Artistic Ghanaian female musician, MzVee, who is currently on tour for her new single “sheriff” had an emotional breakdown during an interview on Angel FM.

She attributed her tears to how much her new song meant to her and how far she has come as a person considering the state of her mental health some time back.

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Prior to the tears, there were many questions on the segment about her departure from her previous record label, Lynx Entertainment. It seems MzVee’s claim of parting ways amicably with Lynx doesn’t sit well with most Ghanaians especially her fans.

Instead of focusing on her new track “Sheriff” released after her one year break from music, most people rather seem to have taken a keen interest in her departure from her former record label, Lynx.

Since she left without giving her fans a proper closure, many took advantage of the situation to rumor and insinuate scenarios or circumstances which might have led to her departure from the team. While some alleged she left because all the label’s attention was giving to her record label mate: Kidi and Kuame Eugene. Others also said that she was pregnant and had to lay low until it was all over. Another set also claims MzVee left because she was not getting along with her label mates.

MzVee during the interview once again addressed the rumors saying that there is no bad blood between her and her label mates. She also explained that she never had a problem with the attention given to her label mates since they were new at the game and needed more attention to survive in the industry. She even added that her then-manager, Richie, was very sad when she was leaving since they have been friends and coworkers for many years.

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In spite of all the explanations given by Mzvee, it seems a section of Ghanaians are still not persuaded and maintain their opinions on the matter.