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“Some Guys Are So Wicked”, See What A Guy Did To This Pretty Lady That Got People Talking


It is true that most ladies now consider guys and love as a “big scam”, that’s because of the attitude and pains they’ve gone through with several guys without finding a good and responsible one to at least settle down with.

Have you ever been disappointed by a guy you loved so much and even went as far as sacrificing your happiness, money, and time for, well that might make you think guys are generally bad but don’t give up on the search.

Just the same way we have good and responsible girls, we still have good and nice guys too.

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Has a guy ever told you he’s no longer interested in you, that might seem very painful but it’s nothing compared to him inviting you over to his place, you happily rush to take your bath, put on your best outfit and pay down to where he promised to pick you up only to discover that he’s no where to be found and his number is isn’t going through or he’s not picking his calls. What if you were not with any cash and he had promised to pay the bikeman? How will you settle the bikeman.

The photo of this lady has been trending on facebook since yesterday, she went to visit a guy who had promised to pay her way down there, but on reaching the place, the guy was no where to be found and am sure he’s not picking up his calls. You can see the disappointment on the lady’s face.