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Kweku Smoke Touchs On His Relationship with Amerado And Strongman


About a month ago, strongman and Kweku smoke were in some form of twitter banter which garnered a lot of attention and interest by Ghanaian music lovers and the fans of these two young artists.

Not long after that, Strongman in an interview shared his opinion on the matter, speaking of how he didn’t want his name to be mentioned in the same sentence with anything that suggests ungratefulness, especially when Sarkodie was also helping him. He then asked Smoke to use himself as an example when tweeting, and not him.

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Kweku smoke has also in an interview with Sammyflex expressed his opinion on what he calls a misunderstanding. According to him, unlike how Strongman interpreted his tweet, it was purely harmless and was only using him to exemplify what he was saying. He believes with the message he was sending across, strongman was the perfect case study for it.

However, he didn’t appreciate how strongman reacted to the tweet behaving as though they had a sour past. Reacting to the “hate emojis” with which strongman attacked his tweet, he believes strongman was probably thinking that he has had some damaging conversations with Sarkodie about him. Setting the record straight that, “ if I have the opportunity to see or meet with Sarkodie, there is no way I’m going to ask about strongman, I’ll rather ask about what he did right and how I can do better” he stated.

And finally about Amerado, Kweku smoke says its much to do about nothing, it is just Amerado trying to gain his attention which he is unwilling to give him.

Hopefully, these three talented rappers can bury the hatchet and have a good relationship in the future, with possible features.

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