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“A Lot Of The Media Men Hate Sarkodie, They Want Someone To Take Him Out”. – Yaw Grey


In an insightful conversation with the former mobile boys, the artistic Ghanaian rapper, Yaw Grey has shone the light on so many wrongs in the entertainment and media space in Ghana.

Speaking of a new wing of change he’s bringing into the rap game, yaw grey has announced that, so many top rappers will be rendered jobless with this new wind of change, especially the popular artists who have amassed some sort of following doing what is like rap but not rap.

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Touching on the ineffectiveness of the media, he revealed that, the media is made up of a bunch of hypocrites who say something different on-air from off-air. This allegation seems to corroborate Shtta wale’s allegations when he recently called out the media for the same reason Yaw Grey did.

To Yaw Grey, he has had so many conversations with media men off-air who clearly expressed how much they hate Sarkodie and would love for someone new to overthrow his era. However, it seems their perspective on the matter changes as they go on air, worshipping, and showering Sarkodie with praise.

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According to him, this and other factors are what have caused the Ghanaian music industry to be lagging behind and favoring a few who are even not up to the standard.

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