Home Entertainment How football protesters blocked bouquets at parliament gate

How football protesters blocked bouquets at parliament gate


‘Save Ghana Football’ protesters marched across principal streets of the capital on February 14, Valentine’s Day, to submit a petition to lawmakers.

Clad in black and red while chanting protest slogans, the group reached the gates of Parliament, but as is the convention, only a select few were allowed into the premises to present the petition.

Those left outside Parliament continued chanting their protest songs while massing up at the place’s main entrance.

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When a pickup truck with bouquets believed to be headed into the legislature pulled up at the gates, the protesters refused to make way for it to drive in despite appeals by the police detail.

“Valentine? Is that what you are going to celebrate? Valentine?” one person is heard saying. Before long, they broke into chants of “no Valentine, no Valentine, no Valentine” while hooting at the driver and policemen.

Eventually, they forced the police to ask the driver to return the consignment because of the situation.

Watch the video below: