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“KulaGH Was The One Who Shot The Viral Video Of Sista Afia And Fredarhymes”. – Bossu Kule


Bossu Kule, who is the manager of highlife musician, Sista Afia, has come out to explain issues regarding the viral video which has projected his artist in a bad light.

In a verbatim narration of the incident on Sammmyflex Tv showbiz Daily, Bossu Kule revealed that the person behind that video was young Rapper Kula, who at the time was also at the premises for an interview. According to him, though about 6 people recorded the video, after the incident he personally pleaded with them to delete the video so it doesn’t leave the space. He confirms that all there agreed and deleted the video but Kula on the other hand denied even taking the video which everyone knew was the opposite.

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Which was why he is surprised at Kula for giving the footage out to TV3 for it to be broadcasted. He believes KulaGH was not at his finest with that act since it has left an indelible mark on his artists Sista Afia.