Home Entertainment “We Are Very Disappointed At TV3 for Airing the Video”.- Bossu Kule

“We Are Very Disappointed At TV3 for Airing the Video”.- Bossu Kule


Having given the platform to defend the viral video of his artist, Sista Afia’s public display of anger, Bossu Kule emphatically blames TV3 and has expressed his disappointment at the network.

Bitterly explaining himself, Bossu Kule revealed that, when the incident occurred, he directly went to the management of TV3 to help him make sure that they retrieve the last copy of the recorded incident from KulaGH who videoed the incident while on the premises. They agreed to that and to ensure some confidentiality, which is why he was taken aback when he saw TV3 broadcasting the incident even when they promised not to let the rest of the world know about it.

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To him, that was not an honorable thing to do by the network which is why he had come on Sammyflex TV to express his disappointment in the channel.

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Though some agreed with his line of thought, others could not agree less since Sista Afia was the advertised artist for that segment and since she wasn’t able to make the interview, the onus was on the producers of the show to explain to the world why she didn’t show up, which in their defense was the video available.


However they all finally agreed that there could have been a difference if a not better approach to have broadcasted the issue which wouldn’t have put any of the artists in the wrong light.