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I have Proof that Wendy Shay and Bullet are Dating—Nana Romeo


Abdul Karim popularly known as Nana Romeo is a presenter on Accra FM. The presenter who sacked KIDI for appearing late for an interview. He has caused another stir on social media. This time around, he is accused of asking Wendy Shay unprofessional questions in an interview. Because of this, Wendy Shay walked out on him in the interview.

In an interview with Zionfelix, the radio presenter made it known that he wants Wendy Shay to dare him before he comes out with his proof.

Furthermore, he charged Wendy Shay stating that if she thinks what he is saying is not true, then Wendy Shay should also dare him.

He revealed that people will applaud him when they see the pictures and videos he has of Wendy Shay and Bullet on his phone.

He indicated he did not just come up with the Bullet question. But he had his basis for asking Wendy Shay such questions.

The presenter stated he doesn’t understand why Wendy Shay walked out when he insisted he has a proof that she and Bullet were dating. According to Nana Romeo, I the confirms the fact that they are dating.

He revealed he felt good when Wendy Shay walked out of the interview. To him, a lot of people use journalism on friendship basis and shy away from the truth.

In his final words, he kept insisting Wendy Shay should dare him to release the videos and pictures he has of her and Bullet.