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”Forgive Me Queen” – Man Whose Wife Attacked Akuapem Poloo In Public Apologizes To Her


Akuapem Poloo has been trending following an attack by a lady for allegedly snatching her husband.

If we would recall, Akuapem Poloo caused a massive stir on social media a few weeks ago by posting a set of wedding photos of herself.

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Apparently, it was only a publicity stunt for a music video she shot with a highlife artiste, King Mondo.

In a trending video posted by Akuapem Poloo herself, a woman claiming to be the wife of King Mondo has attacked her (Akuapem Poloo) for snatching her husband.

In the video, Akuapem Poloo and King Mondo seemed to be chatting heartily until being confronted by this young lady.

From the look of things, it seems the young lady had a misconception about the whole situation and thought Akuapem Poloo was actually flirting around with his husband.

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The video vixen, took to her social media page to express her disappointment in the Highlife musician. In an Instagram post she wrote:    

Oh God please hold my heart always? @kingmondomusic you will pay for dis

How can you let your wife embarrass me this way? you should’ve told her the wedding videos that came out was a music video so she left UK to Ghana just to do this to me wow wow ? thanks to somebody saw her coming and took a video for me I will everyone know about what your wife did today

However, following this development, King Mondo has finally apologized to Akuapem Poloo.

I sincerely apologize for the embarrassment today pls find a way in your heart to forgive me queen poloo.?

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