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I don’t support Gender Equality and there should be nothing like that – Petrah


In a recent radio interview, Ghanaian female musician Petrah spoke out stating she’s not in support of gender equality. Petrah, who is known for her powerful vocals and inspiring lyrics, said that she believes men are always the top and women have to follow.

“First of all, gender inequality, I don’t support that, because there’s nothing like that, men will always be the heads. God gave it to men so we as woman need to learn from men, take from men as well. That is the only way to help or be successful.”

Petrah went on to say that she believes that gender equality is a major problem in Ghana and around the world.

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Petrah’s comments have been met with widespread support from fans and other musicians. Many people have praised her for speaking out about an important issue and for using her platform to make a difference.

Petrah’s comments are a reminder that women fighting for gender equality got it all wrong.

However, they are also a sign of hope that things are starting to change. With more people like Petrah speaking out, Ghana can make progress with respect to the wide conversation.

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In addition to her music, Petrah is also involved in a number of initiatives to promote growth among the youth in Ghana.

Petrah is an inspiration to many people. She is a talented musician who is using her voice to make a difference. She is a role model for young girls and women everywhere and she is showing the world that gender equality is possible.

Petrah has released a new song titled “Run” under her record label Manners Records.
“Run” is a new single that comes along with a video talking about love. In the video, Petrah was seen running away from men dressed like priests.