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Asamoah Gyan and Baffour Gyan wanted by the police for allegedly assaulting Websoft CEO, Godwin Martey


Asamoah Gyan is once again involved in a scandal with his brother. The footballer seems to be prone to scandals. From allegedly raping a girl some few years and disgracing his wife in public and denying his children.

The recent to his us is his brother, Balfour Gyan who is alleged to have slapped websoft CEO, Godwin Martey a couple of times when they were playing tennis at the 37 Army Officers mess court.

According to Godwin Martey, he wanted to stop playing the game when he felt he was being treated unfairly by Baffour Gyan who was the referee.

Unhappy about the situation, Godwin wanted to reschedule another with a proper tournament with a neutral referee.

The websoft CEO said this did not go down with Baffour Gyan as he shouted at him to keep playing.

Mr. Martey quit the game and went to sit on the sideline. But Baffour Gyan walked up to him and slapped him a couple of times ordering him to get back to the field and play.

Mr. Martey indicated that he complained to Asamoah Gyan concerning his brother’s behavior but what Asamoah Gyan said was, “yes, you deserve it”.

Mr. Martey reported the case to the police and provided evidence of a medical report.

We hope this issue will be turn into a foolish case just because Asamoah Gyan and his brother are public figures.