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Viral Rasta couple sacrificed their children to grow their church – Oboy Siki alleges


Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki, has alleged that the Rastafarian couple who have been trending online with their dance video and inappropriate looks are being haunted by the death of their kids.

Recently, netizens have witnessed a couple who made waves with their lovey-dovey video on social media.

In the said video, the couple was spotted in thick unhealthy dread locs and clad in an underwear while smoking, dancing and caressing each other.

The video has since raised brows online, with scores of netizens reacting to their bizarre and ‘malnourished’ physique on social media.

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Some individuals have also insisted that the couple, perhaps, might be battling a mental disorder.

But reacting to this, Oboy Siki has alleged the couple who once owned a church, sacrificed their children to establish it, and are now dealing with the consequences.

Shooting down claims that they are battling mental issues as a result of drug abuse, he said,

“They went in for something. They two of them did a pact, they exchanged something and they are aware. They are being haunted. They went in for some powers to build their church and it ended up taking away their two children. Now they are being haunted, they are suffering the consequences.”

Meanwhile, netizens are calling on the appropriate authorities to intervene in their situation, which they believe could escalate without attention.