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Girlfriend sets her Boyfriend with his mother and a little child Ablaze for refusing to marry her, See full details


Girlfriend sets Boyfriend ablaze in his home at the early hours of the morning in Gboko town in Benue state Nigeria.

People this days can do and undo and they also go extra miles just to achieve what they actually wanted before their mind will be at rest not minding what the outcome will be like. 

Yesterday in Gboko town a guy simply adentified as Jude was set ablaze by his girlfriend. The reason for her actions can be traced to the guy refusal to marry her due to her misbehavior and hatred toward his mother.

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Neighbors around have started that they both had a hated argument early in the day. Where the said boyfriend asked her to pack out of his house. He thought he had heard the last of it but he was wrong, not knowing that sometging terrible is about to fall on him.

At about 1:30am, the girlfriend reportedly to have returned to the compound with three men, the tore open the nets at the window and started pouring a substance into the room, suspected to be petrol, through the window.

When the young man was asked in a nearby hospital currently recovering treatment, he said he saw the girlfriend himself from the inside as she was pulling off the nets. 

The girlfriend threw a container into the room where he was with his mother and another 2 years old child and immediately lit a match stick and she took off. It was later learned she had parked a bike outside the house. 

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One of the neighbors who claimed to have witnessed the incident further stated that the girlfriend had padlocked the door from outside. The whole room caught fire the young am confused and helpless battle to save his mother and the little child in the room.

His cries for help woke his neighbors around who rushed to see what is happening. They met a burning room and three people battling to escape from the fire. They broke the door managed to put out the fire and rushed the young man to the hospital.

Thank God all three persons in the room are still alive, young man is left with severe burns from the fire incidence, his mother and the child were however not terribly affected just minor burns here and there.

The said girlfried is on the run as she is nowhere to be found till now.