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Ghanaians Should Celebrate Their Artists and Desist From Defamatory Headlines


Nana Yaw Wiredu has advised Ghanaians to celebrate their artist and stop sabotaging each other or gloating over their downfall. He also encouraged them to desist from using defamatory words on these artists in stories.

According to him, every blogger, writer, and media is a part of a bigger picture or a global conversation for these artists. To expatiate, he stated that whenever a story is published on a website, other people from other places in the world only get to know more about our artist by what is written about them online. So if big arts in other countries want to have collaborations with these artists and all they find on them on the internet are damaging stories, it makes them rethink their decision which trickles down to the Ghanaian music industry.

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He also spoke on bloggers using certain defamatory words on their artists like a flop. Stressing that though they might not be aware, if an international event organizer wants to bill a particular artist for a big show and all they can read about the artist’s show and performance on the internet are a flop, bad day, dull crowd amongst others, it makes them reluctant to work with these artists.

He then advised bloggers not to think narrowly, stressing that instead of using headlines which is just to drive traffic at the expense of the artist, they should rather look at the bigger picture since they are in one way or the other contributing to the image of these artists on the global market.

However, this was not to say that artists should be over-pampered or pussyfooted when they are not up in doing. But to be decorous in how they handle these artists.