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”Dating in the Entertainment Industry; Ghana Music Industry”


The issue of dating at the workplace is a very hard topic for many. There are some organizations that frown on dating at the workplace. The music industry has seen its fair share of artistes dating managers among others. There is a recent news making waves on most social media platforms between musician Eshun and her Ex-manager.

In a recent interview with Zion felix on his youtube channel, the ‘’akyea’’ hit-maker who also doubles as a ‘’role model queen’’ at Gomoa Afransi revealed that she was dating her Ex-manager.

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She revealed what transpired between her and her manager who goes by the name, Stephen Mensah by saying that she has not been in any five year contract with the manager. And that the ex-manager was helping her because they were in a relationship.

The musician stated that the first quarrel they ever had together as a couple was when he wanted her to move in with him.

She again stated that the ex-manager/fiancé was blackmailing, manipulating, verbally abusing and body shaming her. Due to all these aforementioned ordeals, she was emotionally and psychologically stuck and she could not tell anyone because she was scared.

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Furthermore, she made it known in the interview that she cheated on her ex-manager/fiancé twice. Because she was hoping those she cheated on him with, would eventually save her from her situation. She says she wears her cheating as an ‘’ornament’’ due to the situation her ex-manager/fiancé put her through.

Stephen Mensah is a ‘’demon’’ because he told me I might die like the late Ebony, the musician painfully lamented.

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This is not the first dating couple we have seen or heard of in the music industry. We have seen and heard of quite a few. But the question is how many times have we heard such gruesome story? A lot of people have aired their thought on how strong Eshun is, there have been backlashes from others as well for airing her personal issues in public.

But the question is, do you think it is right to cheat on your man because you needed help out of a dire situation? How long will these men continue treating women with such disdain? When will we ever have a proper discussion on body shaming as people? Ladies would you readily move in with your man without thinking about the pros and cons first? Let’s hear your thought/s on these questions.

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