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”Mr. Drew Rains Insults On Those Who Accuse Him Of Stealing Rotimi’s Song”


Artistes accused of either stealing songs or beats are very common in the music industry. Beats determine how danceable or otherwise your song or music will be while good songs determine how popular a musician will be.

Musicians will go to any length and breadth to make sure these things are always to the expectations of the consumer that is, their fans. But stealing someone’s intellectual property is considered a crime.

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The ‘’Dw3’’ hitmaker, Mr. Drew has been accused of stealing songs like ‘’Dw3’’ and also being accused of not knowing how to write songs. He has even earned the name, ‘’the brand that steals songs’’. The recent to hit us is Mr. Drew stealing Rotimi’s song, ‘’Love Riddim’’.

In an interview with Zion Felix, the artiste revealed that he did not steal the song but rather, just did a cover which was titled, ‘’Eat’’ of the original song. He explained that he only used the melody of Rotimi’s song not his lyrics.

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He indicated that he reached out to Rotimi by tagging him all his social media platforms whenever he posted the cover. Mr. Drew further stated that ‘’you don’t usually need permission from an artiste for a cover but you just need to give credit to the owner of the original song’’.

He also revealed how Stonebwouy came to be on the cover song by saying Stonebwouy DMed him on Instagram commending him on the cover and how he would like to add his own verse.

Speaking on why his featured cover with Stonebwouy was blocked on Youtube, Mr. Drew revealed that he got a message from Rotimi which stated, ‘’you released this song as an original and it is liable to copyright infringement which is unprofessional’’. ‘’ I have been trying to let them take off the copyright strike but nothing has been about it’’, the ‘’Dw3 hitmaker revealed.

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He indicated that his label has been trying to unblock his video on Youtube but nothing has been done yet and he is no longer pushing the cover because he has a new track ‘’Later’’ with Kelvynboy that he wants to push.

The artiste ended by saying those who don’t know what cover is, are ‘’dumb’’.

Do you think Mr. Drew deserves his cover song to be blocked despite his explanation on what a cover is and how he tried to give credit to the owner of the original song? Let’s know your thoughts on this issue.

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