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“Bulldog Should Use The 50k To Invest In Eno Barony Not To Call For A Battle”. – Yaw Grey


The intelligent former Mobile boiz member, Yaw Grey, has made a salient contribution to the ongoing beef between the female rappers in the Ghanaian music sphere.

To Yaw Grey, what the women are doing deserves all the support and attention it can get, however, he disagrees with Bulldog’s decision to place 50k as a winning price for anyone either male or female who wins Eno Barony in a rap battle. To him, though Eno Barony seems to have massacred the women she’s beefing with, the fight might become different if some of the male rappers decide to go after her. Though she could easily take down some of the male rappers in the industry, others can knock her out hands down.

He believes that if Bulldog has the wherewithal, he should rather use it to invest in Eno Barony’s career so she becomes one of the best in Ghana rather than setting her up for an eventual failure which may subside her thriving career.

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This, of course, seems like a piece of good advice considering how capable some of the male rap artists are in Ghana.