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This Is Nollywood Actress, Check Out The Cream She Uses That Glows


She is not from America or Dubai but she’s blessed with natural fair skin, apart from her skin complexion check out the cream she uses to maintain her skin.

Moyo Lawal, Born I’m Badagry, a district in Lagos State, Nigeria is a Nollywood Actress. Moyo has won the “Revelation of the year” award at the Best Of Nollywood Awards in 2012.

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Moyo the queen of curve was born and raised in Badagry town, she attended her primary, Secondary and Tertiary education in Nigeria.

According to the talented actress, she obtained her BSc degree in Creative arts from the University of Lagos.

She’s beautiful and has debuted in several movies, apart from acting she’s also a skin therapist. She’s nobody but our own Moyo Lawal.

Based in Lagos State, Nigeria, Moyo Lawal has lots of followers on her official Instagram account @MoyoLawal, some call her the queen of curve and truly the photos she upload on Instagram speaks.

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To keep her skin complexion fair and catchy, Moyo decided to venture into traditional cream production which she does manually with mortar (Photos will prove), so many times Moyo has uploaded photos of her going through stress to deliver quality and reliable skin cream.

Some photos of the talented actress below.

To keep her Tommy flat, Moyo always takes precautions on the types of food she consume daily, of recent she uploaded photos of the types of food she eats the keeps her Tommy flat, below is the photo of the types of food she eats.

To make her customers believe in her products Moyo uploaded photos on her official Instagram account, this post she made shows her preparing her Cream brand.

Below is Moyo preparing her cream

In this post Moyo made a caption, she said “May God Almighty bless the works of our hand, Amen.

“Learn something new today, you never can tell what new skill you have hidden inside you.

“P.s, no more dirty pictures after this”, Moyo advised her followers to learn new skills and this motivated me.

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Apart from Acting, Moyo also makes good cash from her cream named “Fierce Glow”, a Moyo Lawal Brand (ML).

This is the cream Moyo uses that kept her skin glowing. Don’t forget to like and share this post.

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