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“As Long As I’m Alive, Eno Can Never Be the Rap Goddess”. – Ohemaa Dadao


The female beef, which has recently gotten very physical, has had some female artists who have been silent for a while, coming out to defend their turf. One of such has been Ohemaa Dadao.

Ohemaa Dadao who has been silent in the music scene for a while now, has suddenly emanated from the catacomb to defend her title as the best female rapper in West Africa. In her new diss song ”clown” targeted at the supposed Rap Goddess, Eno Barony, Ohemaa Dadao wants to prove to Ghanaians that ENo is not the rap queen as she purports to be.

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Elaborating on the issue, Ohemaa Dadao stated that “As long as im alive, Eno can never be the rap Goddess” she also believes that contrary to the message Eno has been trying to peach in her song, “Without eno, the female rap still exists” and that “Eno is not a rap Goddess” she concluded.


This seems like a wild allegation considering how solid Eno has proven herself to be during this beef and even prior to this, especially now that people like Bulldog are pegging her with the male rappers in the industry.