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Bosom Pyung Elaborates On His Relationship with Kweku Smoke


The Ghanaian music industry is one that constantly evolves with new faces, new acts, new styles, and new headlines changing the game and playing with their own rules. Two of such talents to hit the industry in recent times has been Bosom Pyung and his partner in Crime Kweku Smoke.

While most people have seen these two vibing and even performing together at the just ended 3 music award show, they are uncertain what the relationship is between these two, are they a duo, are they signed to the same records, are they best friends or what exactly?

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Elaborating on their relation on Showbiz Daily, Bosom Pyung revealed that they are just friends who support each other’s dreams. According to Bosom, “Kweku smoke is good and supports me, and I also support him. When we come together it’s a different vibe because he bring s his fire and I also bring my energy to back him up.”

Kweku smoke like most of the new crop of artists has exhibited some readiness and enthusiasm for his craft dropping powerful verses with spirited performances when given the platform, which is no wonder his bosom friend is Bosom Pyung since he shares the same traits making the two augment each other’s flaws beautifully.