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“If I Were Abroad I Will Have So Many Awards”. – Bosom Pyung


The Attaa Adjoa hitmaker, Bosom Pyung, has in an interview with Sammyflex shown his depth as an artist, his preparedness, and readiness for the entertainment business.

Though he accepts that many people were making a mockery of him when Ataa Adjoa hit the trends, he believes with time they have come to accept the fact that he is a true artist who is ready for the industry and is willing to weather the storm to push his plans and agenda to the world.

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To most people, Bosom, was a 1-day wonder who would pass after his 15 minutes was over, however over the months, the young artists with his new releases and features seem to prove otherwise, always bringing something new to entertain his fans with his energetic and electrifying performances on various platforms. Stating that, with his style and genre of music, if he were abroad he would have won so many awards because of his uniqueness and entertaining persona.

Bosom pyung, unlike some other artists, seems ready to learn, ready to entertain, and willing to stay in the Ghanaian music scene with his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the music and showbiz industry.