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Adina Comments on Ongoing ‘Beef’ Among Female Artists


For about a week now, the females in the Ghanaian entertainment industry have garnered for themselves the attention they’ve been fighting for in the industry. Only now the question remains is this the right attention they need, going at each other’s throat for attention?

Speaking on TV3 the “too late” hitmaker, Adina Thembi has also shared her opinion on their kerfuffle among the female in the music industry. To her, she hasn’t been aware of what is going on amongst the females in the industry, and even if she did it was none of her business what they want to do with their brands. Since she believes everyone has her personal strategy to project her brand.

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Further responding on how this affects the general outlook of women in the industry, Adina intelligently responded that it will be very unfair to use what the few are doing to judge the rest of them. Adding that with where she wants to take her brand, she doesn’t foresee herself releasing any beef songs to colleague artists.

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